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I have been producing, editing, and assisting productions for the past 15 years, and working sets since Junior High School. Most of my background is in comedy, but I’ve done everything. I am a hustler on set and very fast in post with a high quality output. I have my own mobile system with FCP 7, Adobe Suit CS5 and everything I need for high end post production. I have customized keyboard presets to optimize speed. I also dabble in 3D environments in After Effects and graphics in AE and Photoshop. Most recently I worked as the head of production for Comedy Time. Before that, I was the main in-house editor for DC3 Global/The Dude Films where I story produced and edited the Creed Tour 2012 Promo which is currently the intro video for With the company I’ve also been the main editor and story producer for Slash, Alter Bridge, Ron ‘Meta World Peace’ Artest, viral sensations Megan and Liz, and many more including a feature length documentary for Alter Bridge which I titled and completed in 1 week. (“Alter Bridge Road to Wembly” coming March 27th!) I‘ve worked verious levels of production for USA, MTV, Discovery and much more. I was also an editor on an add campaign for Levi’s, and I produced and edited the full length comedy feature film, “Driving Bill Crazy.“ In previous years, I have worked as an AE for the History Channel's ”UFO Hunters” and "That’s Impossible!" and as a PA for USA’s “Combat Missions” amongst other things. I have been the head producer and editor for the world famous Swinging Johnson Brothers since their inception, with whom I also write and produce. The majority of my background is in cutting sketch and improv comedy for the group. There are over 100 clips on the Johnson Brothers’ Youtube page of varying levels of quality. With the group, I have made full length pilots, shows, and a couple of 2 hour Christmas specials. Freelance I have made short films, music videos, industrial pieces, commercials, trailers, sizzles spots, and been the head preditor for a local comedy TV show. In addition I’ve done full website development, key art, composition, ad development, foley, sfx, ADR recording and syncing, voice over, and character voice replacement. I have extensive knowledge of Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premier, After Effects, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Live Type, Soundtrack Pro, Streamclip, Avid, RED, Encore, Vegas, Acid, iZotope, and much more. I have attached some links and my resume. Have a look and if it looks good, give me a call.

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