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“Driving Bill Crazy” is the story of a janitor whose life is so crazy, you couldn’t make him any crazier, but that won’t stop his new roommates from trying. Bill’s life has always been a bit crazy, from his swinger mother and his step father who is four years younger than him to his abusive completely unhelpful psychiatrist to the fact that he works in a mental institution. His boss doesn’t like him and has no problem telling him. The girl he likes just started dating his worst enemy. Just when he thinks his life couldn’t get any loonier, he steps into the twisted world of Cameron and Cary Nolan. A massive head wound causes the prohibition of “Lawn Darts” and simultaneously makes the Nolan brothers rich. They realize that working is for chumps. Scams and fraudulent lawsuits are where the real money’s at, and corporate America is quick to settle out of court…especially when there’s a penis splint involved. After several years of falling down hotel stairs, “finding” rats in their fried chicken, and train derailments, they’ve discovered a new scam far superior to all the others. Evidently there’s plenty of money to be made in the mental health industry especially when you don’t exactly play by the rules. Now there’s a race between the insanity of Bill’s everyday life, and the twisted false reality of squirrels, pills and ninjas created by his new roommates to see which one finally ends up, Driving Bill Crazy.

Driving Bill Crazy DVD

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